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What to pack and wear for your trip to Sicily.


it really depends on the time of the year you are traveling and your personal style. However, as a service for all of you preparing for travel to Sicily in late June, July, August, and early September, here is a clothing list for men and women and the must bring items that you should be packing, for your Sicily vacation when traveling during the summer months.


What to pack…

  • Your Photo ID and Passport (be mindful of their expiration dates too)

  • General Hygiene Products: Toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. (most hotels will not have these)

  • Sunglasses/Sun Hat (there are only 4 months a year that you will not need these)

  • Light Scarf (some churches require covered shoulders, and this is a quick fix for that)

  • 2 Pin Electrical Adapter – Round (many hotels will not provide these adapters)

  • Map and Driver’s License [if renting car] (check that your license allows driving in Italy or you’ll need to have an International Driving Licence issued in your country of origin)

  • Portable Cellphone Charger (you might be out from early morning to late at night)

  • Cash [converted to Euros] (many places do not allow credit cards)

  • Health Information Documentation [in Italian] (blood type, allergies, vaccinations, etc.)

  • Copy of Travel Documentation (in the event they are lost or potentially stolen)

  • Sunscreen (especially if you are planning to arrive May-September)

  • First Aid For Jellyfish Stings (you might encounter jellyfish on some beaches)

  • Pocket-Sized Dictionary [Italian] (few people speak English)

  • Camera (there will be a lot you want pictures of here)

  • Light Backpack (useful to carry everything on day trips of sightseeing)

  • Repellent for Mosquitoes (especially annoying during the summer months)

  • Beach Towel (if you plan to enjoy the beaches during the summer)

  • Hiking Boots (if you intend to climb Mt. Etna or other mountainous areas)

I have neglected to add things that you should already know are must have, such as underwear, socks, and the like.


What to wear…

While geographically it looks like Italy kicked Sicily off of its boot shape, Sicilians’ fashion sense is

second to none. We are all born with a natural sense for fashionable things, and that has ultimately made it impossible for Sicilians not to judge a book by its cover. Here is a suggested list of what to pack:

• Bathing suit. For women, a bathing suit cover-up (we recommend something silk that dries quickly in the sun); for men, a Tee-shirt will suffice.

• Flip flops (for swimming pool and relaxing only – not for restaurants ever, and we discourage this for archaeological sites too, because of uneven surfaces).

• Water shoes for rocky beaches and cliffs (there are many in Sicily).

• For Etna you should dress in layers. As you go up the elevation of the volcano, it will help to put on more clothes. So, long yoga paints (men, long pants), a long-sleeved tee-shirt, a fleece or sweatshirt, and a wind breaker (it is very windy and as a result gets cold up there and on the craters.). Ideally, we recommend an ultra-light down jacket or sweater that you can fold up into a bag. Obviously, bring hiking shoes and thick socks for your walk on the petrified magma.

• Sun dresses made of silk or hand-washable materials that will dry in the sun quickly. Suggested:

3 casual ones (for day time) and 1 more dressy.

• 2 cotton cardigans for chilly evenings and air conditioned airplanes and coach buses.

• For women, tank tops that match…

• Sturdy sandals for walking on cobblestones of medieval towns and for walking on dusty pathways at archaeological parks. Choose your shoes wisely according to where you’ll be visiting that day. Suggested: sturdy ones where your toes are somewhat protected and open flat sandals with soles that have some traction. There are many slippery surfaces in towns (marble and limestone pavement).

• Stay away from tee-shirts that have logos or phrases written in English or other languages on them. For men, tee-shirts are fine for day time. Collared shirts are better.

• For men, bring one pair of nice slacks to wear to dinner and a button down cotton or linen shirt.

Do not wear shorts to dinner or lunches in a nice restaurant ever. This looks terrible and disrespectful

to Italians. No jackets necessary. No flip flops in restaurants.

• Men, avoid sleeveless shirts.

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